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159/tourluck (01).jpg
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Updated: January 11, 2014This 55 year old man is hot after the tail of this gorgeous Asian girl walking to the convenient store. Like most girls in Asia, you just have to ask to get laid. He invites her to his room for some fun, and it turns into one of the more memorable sucky fucky scenes you'll see on video. Luck is a gorgeous 24 year older, who knows how to please a cock. With a body, ass and good looks like this, you'll agree after seeing so. Watch this old man have his way with this young Asian babe inside Filipina 18.
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Street Pickup - Kitty

Updated: November 2013 - Driving along on a moped, this gorgeous Asian beauty was waved over by a horny foreigner hell bent on fucking this beauty. She of course stopped, a bit curious, but understanding this horny foreigner wanted her. A bit of small talk led to her going back to his hotel room. From there on, this hardcore slender MILF knew how to please this man. Sucking him first then getting her pussy moving up and down on his hard cock, was all he needed to blow his load on her face. Watch another hot southeast Asian hooker get picked up and fucked inside Filipina 18.
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Updated: August 19, 2013Referred to by another girl who fucked on video, Regine was eager to please on video camera. She had that sensual demeanor, stripping down, oiled up a bit, rubbing her body and pussy while she stared deeply into the camera. You know before she started to suck dick, she was going to be a hot little fuck. She's practiced before sucking and fucking, as this hot little Philippine 18 year older loves to please men. She pleases this small dicked Pinoy stud, letting him fuck her and cum deep inside her pussy for a creampie finish. It's all caught on tape and all visible to see inside Filipina 18.
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